Kerry Alison Wekelo

Culture Infusion

Culture Infusion is your guide for improving corporate culture and motivating your employees to perform at their highest capacity. Culture Infusion is for leaders and aspiring leaders who want to build a legacy, shift perspectives, and lead by example so others are inspired and driven to be their best selves. Whether you are a top-level executive or lead a team, you will find valuable insights in this book on how to create and maintain a sought-after workplace. You’ll learn how to infuse a culture of holistic wellness into all aspects of your organization, from your people to your programs, and how you must thrive personally in order to lead others.
Actualize Consulting learned firsthand that effective cultural change starts on a personal, individual level. They spent years building a strong foundation to improve corporate culture, and they now understand that happy employees lead to happy clients. As Managing Director of Human Resources and Operations for Actualize Consulting, author Kerry Alison Wekelo brings us a front-row seat perspective on her experiences, blending her corporate knowledge with her mindful wisdom.
Culture Infusion provides nine easy, actionable principles to help you develop a customized game plan to improve your corporate culture and catapult your team to success. You’ll discover key tips and tricks such as the three A’s (Accountability, Acumen, Aspiration) that will aid in goal setting and performance reviews, and the 3P Method (Pause to Pivot to a Positive) that will change how you view every challenge and lead you to communicate more effectively.
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