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Forex Trading 3

Forex Trading

Part 3: Trading with the Weekly High and Low

This book is Part 3 of the series “Forex Trading”, by Heikin Ashi Trader

As is well known, currency markets are determined by news. However, since news is rare, most currency pairs move sideways 80% of the time. In other words: it is very difficult to trade currencies profitably with trend strategies. The “Forex Trading” series therefore deals with strategies that are specifically designed for sideways markets.

The highs and lows of the past days or weeks represent significant levels in the chart. If the market approaches a similar price level again in the following week, it automatically attracts the attention of market participants. When this happens, the question arises, as to whether or not the market will turn again at this level (as in the previous week)?

In this short eBook, Heikin Ashi Trader introduces two simple forex strategies, using the weekly high and low. They are easy to understand and implement (even with small accounts). These two methods are therefore excellent for traders who are looking for forex strategies that can be successfully traded without the need for much analysis.

Table of contents

Introduction to trading with the weekly high and low

Strategy 1: Chase the Weekly High and Low

Strategy 2: Weekly High and Low Stretch

Practical questions

About the Author

Heikin Ashi Trader is the pen name of a trader who has more than 19 years of experience in day trading futures and foreign exchange. He specializes in scalping and fast day trading. In addition to this, he has published multiple self-explanatory books on his trading activities. Popular topics are on: scalping, swing trading, money— and risk management.

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