A Joosr Guide to The Charisma Myth by Olivia Fox Cabane

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Why is it that some people seem to ooze charisma, while others have none? Until now, we've been led to believe that charisma is something people are just born with, but the truth is that it can be taught. In The Charisma Myth, you'll understand exactly how charismatic behavior works-and how to learn this for yourself.

Charisma can make a complete stranger incredibly magnetic in just a few seconds. It thrusts people into the spotlight, making them a powerful authority, a memorable character, or a kind, empathetic friend. But this amazing power isn't innate. It's actually the result of certain behaviors that anyone can adopt. With compelling knowledge and practical advice, The Charisma Myth breaks down the applied science of charisma, making it accessible for all.

You will learn:

· How to speak, listen and act in a way that draws people to you

· The principle charismatic qualities and styles and how to apply these to everyday situations

· When charismatic behaviors can be dangerous, and how to use them responsibly.
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    Try not to dominate in discussions as this might lead you to disregard other people’s viewpoints
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    Call out to them clearly and loudly, and display powerful body language to show that you are in charge. Firmly tell them what needs to be done in order for everyone to safely vacate the building. Make sure everyone is aware of what is happening and also reassure them that by following your plan they will be safe, allowing them to be calm.
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    Give positive and genuine responses, making them feel good about themselves.

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