Susan Alice Bickford

A Short Time to Die

In this electrifying thriller, two women from opposite sides of the country find their lives inextricably bound—by blood, by fear, and by a merciless, murderous revenge …
Walking home on a foggy night in rural New York, Marly Shaw stops in the glare of approaching headlights. Two men step out of a pickup truck. A sudden, desperate chase erupts in gunshots. And a terrified girl is on the run—for the rest of her life …
Thirteen years later, human bones discovered in California are linked to two missing people from Central New York. Sheriff’s Detective Vanessa Alba and her partner dive into an investigation that lures them deep into the Finger Lakes region. There they find a community in the brutal grip of a powerful family—and a trail of dark secrets leading to the one family member who thought she got away …
  “Held me captive from the first page to the last.”
—Taylor Stevens
“I couldn't have closed the cover if my life depended on it.”
—Lisa Black
Publishers Weekly
“Disturbing, tough … fun to read.”
Utica Phoenix
“Chilling, and original.”
—Eric Rickstad
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