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The Shifter Experiments Complete Dragons, Werewolves, & Aliens Bundle

This series explores the short term and long term effects of coupling between Werewolves, Dragon Shifters, and Aliens and humans. Participants are human women who are fully aware of the requirements of the research, which requires extensive and sustained coupling under controlled and fully observed circumstances. Results suggest (a) increase in libido in all participants, (b) increase in level of possessiveness, and © reduction of aggressive behavior between shifters despite (b). Further research is necessary to identify the underlying mechanisms.

This bundle contains:

A Study of Extensive and Sustained Coupling between Human & Werewolves

Anna signs up for an experiment of a lifetime, one studying the effect of extensive and sustained coupling between humans and Werewolves in their fully human forms. The research is conducted in a professional setting with subjects that have been carefully vetted and researchers observing in real time while taking extensive measurements of everything.

A Study of The Mating Behaviors between Humans & Dragon Shifters

This experiment explores the potential coupling between non-shifter humans and Dragons Shifters. After rejecting ten prior participants, the Dragon Brood unexpectedly accepts both Subject Eleven and Subject Twelve. This is the first recorded study of the Dragon Shifters' mating behavior. Request to catalogue the various equipment, including, but not limited to, sounding rods have been denied.

A Study of The Behavior between Alien Specimen #201 and Volunteer Human #13

You know what you're getting into when you are handed the document. It reads like a BDSM terms and agreement written by someone who has no idea what they're into, so they've just included everything. A normal person would scream and run. And that's before you're told that you aren't dealing with inexperienced Doms. No. You're dealing with an alien creature that had fallen from the sky.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

She comes awake to the groggy feeling of straps being wound around her wrists and ankles.

It doesn't hurt, but the sudden lack of freedom for her to move around makes her instantly panic. There’s a hand on her back, rubbing her up and down lightly and there's a soothing noise in her ear, a rumbling sort of sound that goes all the way to her bones.

The man in front of the is the driver from earlier. She had assumed that he was just a driver, but that clearly isn't the case if he's here, touching her.

Her head feels fuzzy and her body aches. Shifting doesn't allow her to move.

“Relax, darling,” the voice murmur. “The first breeding is always the hardest, but I'll make this feel good for you,” he says.

She opens her mouth to say something, only to realize that she's been gagged with some sort of silicon thing that goes around her teeth to stop her from clamping down, but keeps her mouth spread open. She doesn't need to think too long to know why that is and she chooses, as she does with most things that worry her, to not think about it at all.

“You'll come to enjoy it soon enough,” he promises and then, leans down so that she can see him.

He's a really impressively-built man and she can't help but be frightened that he's going to be the first one to do this.

“Now, now, don't struggle, darling,” he says, checking to make sure that she's securely strapped into the breeding bench. “You volunteered for this, remember? This is for your protection. Don't worry, we've gotten you sufficiently prepped while you were out.”
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