Richard Fierce

Smoke and Blood

Ancient magic. A mysterious boy. War at the border.

The hard-won peace of a fragile kingdom is about to crumble. Threatened with invasion, the nobles of Avar must find a way to defend their border and keep their freedom. Unfortunately, the king has died without an heir.

Lord Ewan Brennan, the closest relative by blood, had declared his right to the throne — but not everyone agrees. Ewan’s hated enemy, Lord Gerard Healy, has declared his own bid for the crown.

Ewan must find a way to secure the throne before a civil war fractures the kingdom, while somehow keeping the invaders at bay long enough to muster the army.

An ancient legend gives him hope. An abandoned monastery on a far island might hold the answer to both his problems: wizard magic. Wizards have long been a myth, but Ewan is out of options.

Dodging assassins and dark dangers, Ewan must reach the monastery and find its secrets before he loses his kingdom — or dies trying.
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