The Mind: a beautiful servant, a dangerous master

Osho analyses the function of the human mind in connection with meditation. Responding here to a question related to a space of 'no-mind' or mindfulness he says: “meditation covers a very long pilgrimage. When I say “meditation is witnessing”, it is the beginning of meditation. And when I say “meditation is no-mind,” it is the completion of the pilgrimage. Witnessing is the beginning, and no-mind is the fulfillment. Witnessing is the method to reach the no-mind. Naturally you will feel witnessing is easier. It is close to you. But witnessing is only like seeds, and then is the long waiting period. "
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    Remember one fundamental law: that which can exist just for a moment can also become eternal – because you are given not two moments together, but always one moment. And if you can transform one moment into a thought-less state, you are learning the secret. Then there is no hindrance to changing the second moment, which will also come alone with the same potential and the same capacity.
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    -mind is an absolutely pure sky without any cloud
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    on’t be impatient. Existence needs immense patience.

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