Tom Morris

Plato's Lemonade Stand

We’ve all heard the old adage: When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. But no one ever says how. Finally, with the inspiration of Plato and the help of many other great philosophers, Tom Morris has figured it out and here gives us a recipe we all can use. Following up in the tradition of previous books like If Aristotle Ran General Motors, If Harry Potter Ran General Electric, Philosophy for Dummies, True Success, and Socrates in Silicon Valley, Tom blends powerful insights with great stories and good fun to illuminate the path of wise living in the face of challenge and change. Along the way, he shows us how to move with wisdom from difficulty to delight in everything we do.
A major American corporation began to go through a period of tumultuous change and top executives had a problem: How could they stay focused and upbeat during this turbulent time while rumors were flying and everyone was worried? But they also had a solution. They turned to their favorite philosopher and invited him to create a special talk on how to handle change well. The natural reaction from the hundreds of executives and managers asked to listen to a talk on this in the midst of their tough situation might have been cynical suspicion. But Tom Morris won them over from the first minute and gave them a fast hour of wisdom they could use, delivered in a penetrating and fun way that drew rave reviews from all. The ideas of that talk grew and became this book.
Are you going through any sort of major personal change? Is your industry altering? How are the people around you reacting to challenges that come their way? Is excitement in the air? Or is there far too much fear and negativity in response?
This is a wise, engaging, cutting edge, and entertaining book on making the most of challenge and change. Too of us become anxious, defensive, and even angry about the change we face at work and in our lives. This manual on how to flourish in the midst of it all draws on the wisdom of the ages to reverse our common emotions, and it shows how even unsought and disruptive change can be a precondition for deep growth, extraordinary accomplishment, and real happiness.
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