Roger Doumanian

The 6 Pillars of Business Success

This is a book for every business owner and entrepreneur, young and not so young, experienced and amateur, those striving for success, and those who feel like they are failing.
When my Grandmother wanted to warn me about something that I was choosing to ignore, she always said, “remember, I am traveling back from the destination that you’re headed to.” What she meant was that she had already been where I was going, done what I was going to do, made the mistakes that I could avoid, and had the successes that I have yet to experience. This is exactly what I hope this book will do for you.
When you turn the pages of this book, I encourage you not to take the words you read for granted. Rather, picture yourself opening a new door every time you turn a page. A door to wisdom, exploration, and an opportunity to learn.
Since I started my first business at the age of 16, I haven’t stopped learning. Like you, I’ve encountered challenges, faced fears, and made my share of mistakes. I’ve failed and succeeded.
I kept a journal to document my experiences, successes, and failures. In it, I wrote everything I saw, felt, and learned. I wrote about the days that I felt like a millionaire. I wrote about the days that I felt like a failure. I even wrote about the days that I just wanted to quit. I also wrote about lessons I learned, strategies that worked, and the most essential elements of Doing Business Right. Now, through this book, I share these treasures with you. I know that you’ll find this book beneficial for your business no matter where you are in your journey.
Despite size or number of years established, every business needs what I call “The 6 Pillars of Business Success”, to grow, prosper, avoid dangerous pitfalls, become recession proof, and reduce the risk of failure.
The purpose of this book is to help you understand the anatomy of a successful business. This is not just another book written to get you excited about doing business without teaching you how to do it right. Rather, this book contains tested and proven methods that, if properly implemented, can result in a business with a solid foundation that is independent of a fluctuating economy.
The Overview
In Part I of this book, I introduce the 6 Pillars that every business must stand on. These Pillars are an essential part of doing business, whether you operate a mom-and-pop store or a fortune 500 company. They are:

The Legal Pillar
The Financial Pillar
The Human Resources Pillar
The Marketing Pillar
The Production Pillar
The Customer Service Pillar

In Part II, I discuss important factors that are often neglected by business owners until they encounter struggles. Things like:

Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Preparedness
Vision, Mission, Values, and Purpose
Market Research
Business and Strategic Plans
Goals, Milestones, and Objectives
Organization, Prioritization, and Delegation

Finally, in Part III, I provide you with diagrams, worksheets, and checklists that you’ll find helpful for planning, organizing, and operating your business. I hope that you find this book valuable and enjoy your journey.
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