Viktor Farcic

The DevOps 2.3 Toolkit

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Learn from an expert on how to use Kubernetes, the most adopted container orchestration platform.
About This Book
Get a detailed, hands-on exploration of everything from the basic to the most advanced aspects of KubernetesExplore the tools behind not only the official project but also the third-party add-onsLearn how to create a wide range of tools, including clusters, Role Bindings, and Ingress Resources with default backends, among many applicable, real-word creationsDiscover how to deploy and manage highly available and fault-tolerant applications at scale with zero downtimeWho This Book Is For
This book is for professionals experienced with Docker, looking to get a detailed overview from the basics to the advanced features of Kubernetes.
What You Will Learn
Let Viktor show you the wide range of features available in Kubernetes—from the basic to the most advanced featuresLearn how to use the tools not only from…
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