Paul Williams

Collaborating for Success: Learn How to Build High Performance Collaborative Teams

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In today’s business world companies need to work as one cohesive team in order to achieve world class performance standards. The need to collaborate effectively both internally and with external stakeholders is therefore critical, and this book looks at the concepts and issues associated with collaboration in an interesting and practical style. It draws on the global experience of the author and focuses on people issues, which are the key to building truly high performance collaborative teams.
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    As another example, being courteous and polite might not be seen as having any immediate return, but it creates relationships and an atmosphere that enable effective, efficient and harmonious working and the attainment of both individual and mutual personal and corporate benefits.
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    A contributing factor in putting people issues at the end of many agendas is probably discomfort in articulating and dealing with emotional, relationship and behavioural issues.
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    ffective collaboration depends upon:
    • installing the appropriate technology
    • creating the right physical environment
    • developing new organisational structures, processes and procedures
    • developing appropriate behaviours
    • creating an appropriate culture.

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