Scott La Counte

Apple Card and Apple Pay

At some point most people have their credit card stolen; it used to be the old fashion way by a pickpocket. Todays’ thieves are high-tech. While most credit card companies have stuck to doing things like they always have, Apple has decided to do what they do best: innovate.
In 2019, they launched the Apple Card—a card many security experts call the most secure card ever made. You can change your credit card number in seconds, and the card itself doesn’t even have numbers on it! Just your name and a strip.
If you have Apple Card, but want to know more about how it works, or you are considering buying it and want know before you do, then this short book will help you out.
Before you read about the Apple Card, you’ll need to know more about Apple Pay, and this book will cover that as well.
Ready to get started? Read on!
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