David Mansfield

The Monday Revolution

Does all the good stuff
only happen at weekends? Have Sunday evenings become depressing, as the working
days ahead come into view? Has your week been reduced to pointless meetings,
over-complicated tasks and disillusioned colleagues?

You’re convinced
there’s a better way of getting things done. But where to start? Well, this
book has the answers. David Mansfield shows you how to reclaim your work week.

In a lifetime of work, David has encountered, tolerated, conquered and failed at most of the
things you’ve come to accept as the natural order. The business world is a
messy place. Processes and systems that were meant to help result in information overload, and just staying on top of the day-to-day feels like some
sort of result.

But there are solutions, and The
Monday Revolution
has them. Every chapter contains stories, anecdotes
and uncomplicated real-world advice on how you can Revolutionise your working life.

Simple, immediate,
actionable examples show how directors, managers and business owners can get more
done, more quickly. David covers all the basics needed to fast track profitable
growth. If you want to look back on your working week with satisfaction and eagerly anticipate the next, read this book. And start your own Monday
, this week.

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