Patricia Rice

The English Heiress (Regency Nobles Series, Book 3)

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An Irish rogue and a duke's daughter should have nothing in common except trouble…Though enchanted by the selfless beauty of a duke's granddaughter, Michael – a man of many names but none his own – has wisely kept his distance. But two years after the disastrous fire that brought Lady Blanche Perceval into his life, he is saddled with a lost, lying Irish waif and needs a woman's understanding aid.To his dismay, the generous lady he remembers now despises him for deserting her when she needed him most.Blanche has inherited all the wealth and responsibility of a dukedom, even if it is her cousin who wears the title. Forced to rely on her men of business to help her make decisions since she has no experience or knowledge of her own, she is at constant odds with the new duke who wishes to marry her for the sake of the estate.When the irresistible and unreliable Michael O'Toole materializes in her life to enlist her care for another of the abandoned orphans he's rescued – as he once did for her – Blanche doesn't know whether to kill him or kiss him. After terrorists blow up her carriage, it becomes apparent that running away might be the best choice of all – but can they survive the pitfalls of their impossible attraction?
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