amp,E.,M.A. Radford

Death and the Professor

“Tell me, did he commit suicide, or was he killed in his room; and if so how a murderer killed and vanished leaving no trace within a minute?”
The Dilettantes Club is a gathering of five savants who dine once a fortnight in Soho, and debate any problem besetting mankind. One evening, into this distinguished company, there intrudes a Professor of Logic and Philosophy, an odd little man. The Assistant Commissioner of Scotland Yard is one of the Dilettantes, and a baffling problem of criminal investigation is debated. The little Professor is able to point the finger at those who currently are eluding the police net. A series of intriguing impossible crimes unfold, until . . .
“Another treat for addicts. Once again they succeed in holding the reader’s interest by combining an ingenious plot with a collection of really convincing characters.” Manchester Evening Chronicle
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