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Workbook for Using the Dog Type System for Success in Business and the Workplace

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Do you want to build your business? Get more customers or clients?  Have better relationships in the workplace?
The Dog Type system can help you have more success in your business or the workplace, since it helps you adapt your approach to the style of whoever you are dealing or working with.
There are four basic Dog Types in a system that builds on other personality type systems — Myers-Briggs, DISC, and the red-yellow-blue-green color profile.  But it uniquely creates a fun, easy to use system with four types of dogs — the German Shepherd, who represents the strong leader; the Pomeranian, who is the high-energy party animal, the Golden Retriever, who is the calm, steady supporter, and the Border Collie, who is the serious detail-oriented type concerned with facts and accuracy.
This WORKBOOK FOR THE DOG TYPE SYSTEM FOR SUCCESS IN BUSINESS AND THE WORKPLACE is designed to help you lead a workshop based on this topic.  It provides you with guidelines on what to say and exercises to use with any group, along with the profiles of the different dog types and how workshops participants can apply them for more success in whatever they do.
The book is ideal for anyone interested in gaining more success in business or at work through using personality tests, personality types, personality profiles, personality assessment, personality characteristics, and personality psychology.   It combines the different systems for personality typing with the personalities of different dog breeds.

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