Shadé Y. Adu

Renegotiating Greatness

Acclaimed brand strategist and speaker Shadé Y. Adu, with a passionate cast of twenty successful and God-ordained entrepreneurs, reveal all in this anthology, Renegotiating Greatness. Written in these pages are what they don’t teach you in business books and classrooms about everything from branding to client management, organizational skills to goal setting, and financial savvy to personal development.
But perhaps what is most valuable about this collection is the stories. These authors—profit-earning, multi-venture running, highly sought-after bosses—are much like every other person with a past: Some are single parents and survivors while others are re-starters and ex-addicts. Most began with almost nothing and fought their way to the top.
Whether you are already an entrepreneur or are thinking of starting your own business, find inspiration from these forerunners. Learn from their mistakes, be emboldened by their achievements, and most importantly, find purpose and faith in yourself.
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