J.D. Bruce L. Calvin

H.R.'s Partnership Challenge

You're a human resource professional, so answer this question-what's your role? The answer undoubtedly changes daily. One day, you may be a facilitator. The next, you could be a fact finder or a coordinator or an administrator. The situation is fluid and open to change at a moment's notice.

Human resource veteran Bruce L. Calvin, JD, argues that the job's fluidity makes it difficult to operate successfully without developing and nurturing partnerships with peers, department heads, and executives. Trying to be everything to everyone is an impossible task.

Bruce lays out the major challenges for human resource professionals and offers practical, actionable solutions designed to help you build trust, earn respect, and find your seat at the organizational table. He reveals a simple but profound truth: by its very nature, the human resources department plays an essential role in all other departments. That role can be met with suspicion and distrust if HR tries to go it alone, or it can be welcomed if human resource professionals take the time to build strong, healthy partnerships across departmental lines.

You can't fulfill every role demanded of HR every day. With the help of interdepartmental partnerships, you won't have to.
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