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Long Property

STOP! This is not a get rich quick scheme.
If you’re looking to double your money in six months, or if you want ten properties in ten weeks, then you may as well stop reading now.

Successful homebuyers and property investors understand that property is a long-term investment. They follow proven systems for buying assets that will appreciate in value, and they set up loan structures sensibly and correctly to support this.

Strategic investors have plans. They set goals like:
– I want to own my home outright (with no debt); and
– I want to retire with $120,000 per annum passive income from investments
Then they work with a team of specialists (finance brokers, buyers advocates, accountants, solicitors) to make educated decisions, and to execute accordingly.

In LONG PROPERTY, top finance broker Daniel Gold sets out a strategic wealth plan towards home ownership and retirement. It’s the exact opposite to what (unfortunately) dominates the residential property and finance industries – no plan, no strategy – just getting a cheap interest rate, and buying sub-optimal properties.

In this educational new book you will discover:
– Why the outlook for well located residential property in Australia is remarkably positive
– How your retirement objectives can be met via a strategic long-term investment journey
– How to navigate today’s banking system and utilise advanced finance structures for wealth creation
– How strategic investors use the ‘GLOW’ model to buy the tiny percentage of properties (maybe 2%) actually worth buying, and how they don’t overpay – case studies included; and
– How working with specialists could easily save you or make you hundreds of thousands of dollars

LONG PROPERTY is the book you wish you read in your 20's. It will help you know where you’re heading, so you can start making smarter property and finance decisions today.

DANIEL GOLD is a leading finance broker specialising in residential real estate. Since 2015 he has authored the Long Property Blog and in 2018 he was recognised by Mortgage Professional Australia and also the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia as being one of the top young professionals in the industry. He lives in Melbourne with his wife Elise and son Isaac.
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