The Beauty of the Human Soul

'The Beauty of the Human Soul' continues the AUTHENTIC LIVING series by Osho with talks by the contemporary mystic during his stay in the United States.All of the Osho books are created from his extemporaneous talks, and in this volume reflect the intimate setting in which they were given, with small audiences of those gathered in the Oregon commune around him. Everything is on the table — belief in God, the meaning of compassion, what happens when we die. In sharing stories from his own life, bringing new insights to old parables, and challenging his listeners to examine their own conscious and unconscious beliefs, he begins to create a new and more authentic “narrative” about what we human beings are doing on this planet, and why we are here.The entire Authentic Living series is a manifesto of the priceless gift of individuality, of both the freedom and the responsibility that comes with living life according to your own light, free from fixed concepts and ideologies given by others — whether that be parents, teachers, priests, or politicians. The challenge is to take nothing for granted, leave no sacred cow unexamined. And to take the courage to step into the unknown with no idea of what is going to happen, with great creativity, sensitivity, and awareness, but with no fixed ideology.Osho says: “You have to go through a transformation and that, only you can do. Except you, nobody can reach there. And this is the beauty of the human soul, that it is absolutely unavailable to anybody. Your center is so protected by existence that nobody can even touch it.”
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    Kaushiki Mathersmembuat kutipan2 bulan yang lalu
    Life is an effort to write your signature on water – not even on sand, because on sand it may remain for a while before the wind comes and destroys it. It is writing on water, and it disappears as it appears – immediately, instantly – and nothing is left behind, not even smoke.
    Kaushiki Mathersmembuat kutipan2 bulan yang lalu
    Compassion certainly includes the idea of saving others, but not against their will. If somebody does not want to be saved, you are not to force him; you do not have to save him at the point of a sword. That is not saving. That simply shows that in the name of saving you are trying to dominate people.
    Kaushiki Mathersmembuat kutipan2 bulan yang lalu
    Death does not come suddenly, it is coming from the very day you were born.

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