Ray Songtree

The Return of Gandhi

The Return of Gandhi by Ray Songtree is the Indian edition of Vol 2 of the Lipstick and War Crimes Series, with a special Indian introduction. This edition includes an insider's view of the Gandhi incarnation and his role in moving Hindustan toward dependency, due to fact that his spiritual coordinates were confused. Aurobindo is quoted as a contrast. Vol 2 of the series is a detailed examination of the attack on family by entertainment and identifies who is behind this assault and why. Indian and Asian readers will gain insight into the East India Company and how its owners are still in India today controlling policy. The legacy of Bill Gates and his detrimental impact on health, and the legacy of Monsanto and it's intentional destruction of independent farmers is introduced. Especially the assault on innocence and the individual is covered. The path to cultural survival is laid out as an alternative to one world government.
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