Kerrie Phipps

Do Talk to Strangers

DO Talk To Strangers — How to connect with anyone, anywhere
In our busy world of change, pressure and social media expectations, we are losing the ability to relate and connect with each other. Kerrie Phipps solves that problem by demonstrating how to relate to strangers.
Connecting with others is an essential ingredient for success in life and business. Meeting someone new could change the course of your life.
You’ll Discover How To

Easily and naturally talk to strangers, including famous and influential people
Use the simple ASKING model to connect with anyone, anywhere
Transform boring activities into everyday adventures!


5 Steps to Stunning Customer Service
Keys to authentic, confident networking
Wisdom for safe and insightful conversations
Connect with people who might impact profoundly on your life.

“Do Talk to Strangers is a joy to read and a valuable resource” — Glenn Capelli, author of Thinking Caps

“Kerrie’s message and methodology is outstanding and she communicates it in an authentic and real way. This book will challenge your psychology and disrupt your thinking. It is one of the best books written for customer service and sales teams.” — Sam Cawthorn, Author, Bounce Forward
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