Phil Walton

The Ultimate Guide to Snapchat

The quick and simple insider’s guide to Snapchat from Official Lens Creator Phil Walton. 
Phil Walton—perhaps best known as the creator of the famed Snapchat Potato lens—provides the groundwork for using and understanding the Snapchat app. Learn to navigate the Snapchat interface, connect with friends, use filters and lenses, and take an exclusive look at hidden functionalities the average Snapchat user may not know about. The Ultimate Guide to Snapchat provides detailed, easy-to-understand guidance for:
Using pre— and post-snap creative tools like timeline, focus, stickers, and othersMastering chat functions for private and group conversationsPosting private and public storiesActivating your Bitmoji avatarCreating your own filtersand more!The Ultimate Guide to Snapchat is an invaluable how-to resource for brand managers, new Snapchat users, and experienced users seeking to use the app with confidence as Snapchat continues to grow, innovate, and connect millions of users all over the world.
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