Cheryl Polote-Williamson

Soul Bearer

In yet another bold anthology, bestselling author and compiler Cheryl Polote-Williamson brings us the Godly and redemptive testimonies of nine men who, having overcome their own trials, now share their valuable lessons with you. These pages offer a rarity that is often neglected by society: A safe and welcoming space where men can openly express their emotions, share their fears and failures, and join hands with other men in celebrating God’s purpose for them, all without judgment or ridicule. Topics here are varied and relatable, discussing experiences that are both common and rare, from sports careers and military life to family and health.
Soul Bearer, being not only a book of personal essays but one of encouragement and faith, invites men everywhere to hide their pain or concerns no longer and to allow others to grow from their journeys. Furthermore, it asks all readers to lend your ear to those who speak, to always listen, embrace, and honor every story, no matter whom they may be from.
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