Caroline Garnham

When you are Super-Rich, who can you Trust

Caroline Garnham, a former leading private client lawyer was head of Simmons &Simmons private client practice for fifteen years. She was nominated as one of the top five leading private client lawyers in 2011 and was a contributor for the Financial Times for twelve years on tax and trusts. Caroline pioneered the area of law now known as Family Governance.
This book draws on her extensive knowledge and intimate experience in working for some of the world’s wealthiest families. Pulling together scores of examples, she looks at the relationship between the UHNW community and their advisors from both perspectives. She believes that by understanding each other they can work together more productively.
«Working as a private client lawyer for more than twenty years I developed a sympathy for you, the Super-Rich community. It is a community people find hard to feel sorry for – you do not have to worry about the mortgage being paid or where the next meal is coming from but your concerns nevertheless can keep you awake at night.
You contribute significantly in taxes which benefits us all. In Great Britain, the top 1% pay 30% of our income tax; you spend in our shops and oil the wheels of our economy – and yet in general you are poorly served and often despised.
As wealthy individuals I understand you are being fingered for money ALL THE TIME. It is hardly surprising therefore that you fly off the handle when you are being fleeced for yet more. Being pestered for money is a way of life for you which most of you hate which is why you want to preserve your privacy.»
This book is designed for you, the super-rich and those aspiring to be super rich. This book will tell you how to manage your advisors, your wealth and how to enjoy it all.
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