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In May 2013, Hillary Clinton was eating lunch with six fellow Wellesley

College graduates. Clinton said that Barack Obama was unqualified to

be president because he did not get involved with the other

departments, such as the Internal Revenue Service or the Justice

Department. Hillary and Bill Clinton made a deal with Obama that they

would support him when he was running for reelection if he supported

Hillary during the presidential elections in 2016. Obama reneged.


It was August 2011. Barack Obama was talking to two of his advisors,

David Plouffe and Valerie Jarrett. They were discussing how to get

Obama reelected. Plouffe wanted to have Bill Clinton publicly support

the campaign in order to use his popularity to get more votes. Jarrett

wanted Oprah Winfrey to publicly support the campaign instead. Jarrett

did not like the Clintons and believed that Winfrey could get more

women and minority votes. Winfrey helped during the 2008 presidential

election by funding some of the campaign and garnering support for

Obama. Winfrey was promised access to the White House so she could

use the information she received from the Obama administration to air

on her network, the Oprah Winfrey Network. This never happened, so

Winfrey refused to support the campaign.

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