Paul Pelletier

Workplace Bullying: It's Just Bad for Business

According to the Workplace Bullying Institute seven of ten U.S. employees are affected by workplace bullying. Workplace Bullying: It's Just Bad for Business is a practical guide that informs, inspires, and illicits response.

Paul Pelletier, a lawyer and consultant who has faced workplace bullying himself, gives comprehensive insight on the anatomy of bullying, and how everyone in the organization is affected. The bottom line is that bullying is bad for business.

Organizations will find information on how to implement best practices and policies to eliminate the possibility of bullying to appear and/or continue in the workplace.

Individuals—from the target of bullying to coworkers and bosses—will find out how to address a bullying situation in the workplace.

This is an empowering read for anyone who works in the corporate world and beyond.
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