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Korean Favorites: Periplus Mini Cookbooks

Korean Favorites contains recipes to make over 35 delicious, authentic Korean classics.Korean food puts heavy emphasis on rice, vegetables, and meats and has been gaining popularity in recent years. Korean food is known for being savory, spicy, and healthy. This wonderful Korean cookbook includes recipes for a diverse selection of foods like condiments, pickles, desserts, meats, poultry, rice, noodles, seafood, snacks, appetizers, soups, and stews. Recipes include:Classic cabbage kimchiCrisp honey ginger donutsBulgogiSesame ginger chickenBibimbapStir fried shrimpSeafood and scallion pancakes (Pajeon) Beef rib soupAnd many more Korean favorites! Also included are unit conversion tables, dual measurements, over 35 clear photos, and an overview of basic Korean ingredients to create some of the tastiest Korean classics. Each recipe includes cook time, prep time, and serving sizes. Enjoy!
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    Daria Diachkovamembagikan kesan2 tahun yang lalu
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    This one almost has everything I’ve missed since our trip to Seoul. Gotta get busy cooking

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