Ananya Ridenour,Brett Ridenour

Coloring Outside The Lines

Although seemingly contradictory, project management and creativity can work together to enhance and guard against common pitfalls found in both endeavors. It is useful for project managers to be more creative and for creative professionals to have more structure. By exploring different aspects of both project management guidelines and creative freedoms and combining the strengths of both concepts, the overall success of a project can improve. This ongoing process continues to evolve the strict standards that are dictated by various strategies and provides avenues and solutions that are common to both structured methodologies and creative workflows.
This collection of blogs and thoughts show how to integrate the best of both worlds, the freedom and flow of creativity coupled with the procedural and structured guidelines of project management. Join us on a journey of discovery as we incorporate what we have learned through our experiences in both creative and professional careers. Whether it be for a novel or a business solution, this collection will explore how to utilize and implement both methodologies to achieve success in your endeavor.
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