Alan Pakaln

New York Shadow

Each of these chapters has a story, and each is an expression of my life at the time the pictures were taken. Taking a picture was always a  natural thing for me to do; I didn't think about showing them to anyone besides friends and family. I never set out to be a photographer.
It seems simultaneously odd and perfectly natural that now, as I'm older, I want to show them. Odd, because showing is not the reason I took them in the first place, and natural, because I like them enough to want to share. I guess it's a natural evolution of creating over time. 
The five series in "New York Shadow" are images that have had a direct and personal impact on me. They represent some hard-to-see events, perhaps places, and in times, one may not have had the opportunity to visit. A little off the beaten path: Coney Island, 1965; Night From A Car Window, 1965; Little Italy, The Feast of San Gennaro, 1971; Bellevue Hospital, 1982; Times Square From a Bus, 2000.
All photographs are presented full-frame, that is, without cropping, and also without alterations other than brightness and contrast adjustments for printing.
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