Paul Spiegelman

Why is Everyone Smiling

A call center company CEO shares how businesses of all sizes can repeat his success by focusing on employee loyalty—and not outsourcing.
How many small businesses have a full-time coworker whose official title is “Queen of Fun and Laughter?” How many have a CEO and COO who dress in matador outfits for a company holiday video version of Dancing with the Stars?
Beryl is a “Top Small Workplace” because of one thing—its focus on people. Visitors report they feel the “vibe” when they walk in the door. As a call center company, a business normally known for high turnover, low morale, and a boiler room environment, Beryl created a special culture resulting in low attrition, high customer loyalty, and profits reinvested in coworkers. What Beryl does behind the scenes to take care of the needs of its internal family sets it apart. It operates with a real spirit of camaraderie; the loyalty of team members at every level; a leadership team that operates with a true servant mindset; and a CEO, Paul Spiegelman, who believes that everyone deserves a chance to feel important. He rewards people frequently, respects their efforts and opinions, and informs them of everything that impacts them.
“Paul drills right to the core of the solution…focusing on people, building a culture of customer satisfaction from the top down, and empowering employees to do the right thing. What really drives business is the human touch, and Paul has the touch.” —James D. Power IV, Executive Vice President, J. D. Power and Associates, co-author of Satisfaction: How Every Great Company Listens to the Voice of the Customer<
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