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Short Stories Eureka. Model Narrative Essays for Today’s Secondary School Students

Short Stories Eureka features the best of model narrative stories written by English Language and Literature specialist, Diana Tham. Through her stories, as well as works by her students, Diana shows students how to apply model structures and writing techniques to their own writing, providing them with strategies that will help to crystallise their ideas and realize their creative potential. Using these essays as a guide, students will be able to hone the necessary writing skills they need to ensure exceptional scores in any examination.
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    hink of some introduction sentences that you can use in your composition that will lend impact and creativity to your story. To help you out, here are a few easy-to-follow introductions that you can use for your narrative essays. These techniques have been used in the stories in the book.
    1. Flashback
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    However, its picturesque appeal hid demons which lingered in the corner of my soul. These demons came back to haunt me, I remember. The emptiness I felt on the inside of me was incredibly real. Real and awful.

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