J. M. Coetzee

Waiting For The Barbarians

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    I also pay one or two visits upstairs at the inn, but with guilty feelings that spoil the pleasure.
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    Desire seemed to bring with it a pathos of distance and separation which it was futile to deny. Nor could I always see why one part of my body, with its unreasonable cravings and false promises, should be heeded over any other as a channel of desire. Sometimes my sex seemed to me another being entirely, a stupid animal living parasitically upon me, swelling and dwindling according to autonomous appetites, anchored to my flesh with claws I could not detach. Why do I have to carry you about from woman to woman, I asked: simply because you were born without legs? Would it make any difference to you if you were rooted in a cat or a dog instead of in me?
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    These dreams are the consequence of too much ease. Show me a barbarian army and I will believe.

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