Ellen Gunning

Ten Red-Hot Tips to Promote your Business

'If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on public relations.' — Bill Gates 
PR techniques can be used by businesses of all sizes. In Ten Red-Hot data-gr-id="67">Tips well-known PR guru Ellen Gunning reveals the top ten most important types of PR for small to medium-sized businesses. Ellen cuts through the jargon to provide the reader with techniques to create the ‘angles’ that will interest the media. Ten Red-Hot Tips, outlines the importance of creative thinking, persistence data-gr-id="13">and knowledge of the market you are operating in (including the media and web markets) and devoting time to learning and applying the techniques. You won’t apply all of the techniques — they won’t all be relevant to your business — but the techniques you decide to use will enhance your presence in the market and generate talk about you, your business and your products.
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