Nikolai Ostrovsky

How the Steel Was Tempered

A classic novel arising from the Soviet Union in the thirties, How the Steel Was Tempered is a fictionalized account of author Nikolai Ostrovsky's experiences in fighting for the Bolsheviks during the Civil War and his difficulty in overcoming crippling injuries after the war ended. Centering on a young man named Pavel Korchagin, How the Steel Was Tempered follows his journey from ill-mannered malcontent through to disciplined soldier of the revolution, in the process coming to epitomize the ideal of the New Man.
How the Steel Was Tempered is presented here as a special edition by author J.T. Marsh as a means of preserving and disseminating a classic piece of working class literature. As part of the rich history of such literature, How the Steel Was Tempered is invaluable in embodying the constant struggle of the working class to be the masters of their own destiny.
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J.T. Marsh

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