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Joseph Epstein


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Observations on the many ways we manage to look down on others, from “a writer who can make you laugh out loud on every third page” (The New York Times Book Review).
Snobs are everywhere. At the gym, at work, at school, and sometimes even lurking in your own home. But how did we, as a culture, get this way? With dishy detail, Joseph Epstein skewers all manner of elitism as he examines how snobbery works, where it thrives, and the pitfalls and perils in thinking you’re better than anyone else.
Offering arch observations on the new footholds of snobbery, including food, fashion, high-achieving children, schools, politics, being with-it—whatever “it” is—name-dropping, and much more, Epstein explores the shallows and depths of a concept that has become part of our everyday lives . . . for better or worse.
“Smart, witty, perceptive . . . and almost always—in the best sense of the word—entertaining,” Snobbery provides the ultimate social commentary on arrogance in America (TheWashington Post Book World). It’s a book you shouldn’t be caught dead without.
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    L Amembuat kutipantahun lalu
    The origins of fashion are in status, and in status, too, are to be discovered the mechanics of fashion. The kinds of status that one’s clothes can reveal are obvious: one’s wealth, one’s rank in society, one’s age or generation, one’s aspirations, and not least one’s interest in fashion itself.
    L Amembuat kutipantahun lalu
    Without a feeling of exclusiveness—the snobbish element—fashion isn’t successfully fashionable.
    L Amembuat kutipantahun lalu
    And of course Marcel Proust, himself half Jewish and fully homosexual, was the supreme portraitist of snobs, starting out in life a pure snob himself and ending as the greatest of all anatomists of snobbery
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