Thomas Troward

The Wisdom of Thomas Troward Vol I

Thomas Troward was an early New Thought writer who had an immense impact on those who would follow. Ernest Holmes, Frederick Bailes, Joseph Murphy, and Emmett Fox cited him as a major influence, and Genevieve Behrend was his student. It is impossible to overestimate his importance to the New Thought movement. His intense fusion of Eastern and Western philosophy is unmatched. The Edinburgh and Dore 'Lectures on Mental Science' are required reading for anyone wishing to understand and control the power of the mind. Without these lectures the New Thought Movement and The Science of Mind might never have been born. 'The Law and the Word' explores the connection between thought energy, scientific reasoning, and creative power. Chapters include 'Some Facts in Nature', 'Some Psychic Experiences', 'Man's Place in the Creative Order', 'The Law of Wholeness', 'The Soul of the Subject', 'The Promises', and 'Death and Immortality'. 'The Creative Process in the Individual' scientifically explains the sequence of creative activity starting from the beginnings of life through the development of mankind. We each have a divine right of creation. Sharing in that divine power to create what is good will open up a wonderful vista of possibilities.
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