Darren Taylor

Don't Get Outworked

Darren Taylor, author of Don’t Get Outworked, is a business owner, fitness model, father, mentor, and long-time entrepreneur. He is currently on his mission to success, just like you. Mr. Don’t Get Outworked himself shares with you the strong work ethic that has never failed him, the lessons he learned in what works and what doesn’t, and now he shares this with you so that you can succeed in building the life of your dreams.
Inside these pages is a guide that will truly push you to your limits. There is no quick and easy route to success. By accepting and applying the “Don’t Get Outworked” work ethic to your journey, ditching the excuses that block you from achieving your goals, leaving behind the lazy mindset that seeks to gain something without sacrificing to get it, and a willingness to be open-minded, author Darren Taylor will help you get the results you desire to achieve.
In just 10 short chapters, you will learn:

How to make sure you don’t get outworked ever again so you can overcome your past failures and create the life you want to live.
The story of how I went from being an unemployable college dropout to becoming a successful entrepreneur.
The dangers of being average and how to avoid them so you can stand out and be the leader you were born to be.
Why your reasons are excuses in disguise and how to break free of them so you can achieve the only thing that matters — results!
Ways to feed your focus and surround yourself with things that will keep you motivated so you can push through the inevitable obstacles and achieve more than you ever thought possible.
Why you must be obedient to the vision and how to tell the difference between an authentic vision and a shimmering mirage so you can pursue what is worthwhile and avoid what isn’t.
Why a strong work ethic is the key to success and how to develop it so you can start earning more money, the vacations, the new houses, and the lifestyle you want.
Steps to create a plan of action so you can get started and keep going in the right direction
5 ways to help you stay on track with accomplishing your goal and how to find an accountability partner so you can keep up the momentum you’re building and finish strong
How to finish strong so you can use the momentum from success in one area of life to carry you through to success in other areas
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