Delroy Constantine-Simms

Rice and Peas For The Soul 3: Rice and Peas For The Soul 3

Rice and Peas For The Soul 3 is part of an ongoing series of self— help books stories that consists of several motivational, inspirational and moving stories, which have been carefully selected, based on their ability to reassure, empower and engage, while accommodating and satisfying the highly discerning intellectual taste buds of new and established readers.
Judging by the number of email messages and calls, the publishers had no idea how many customer readers, were unaware that previous servings of Rice and Peas for the Soul were merely appetizers. Soon come!
The main course of Rice and Peas books are being prepared and will be served very soon. On reflection, the judging by the number of email messages and calls, since the release of the first book in 2014, have been overwhelming. Think Doctor Publications could not have
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