Stefan Kazakis

From Deadwood to Diamonds

Author and business coach, Stefan Kazakis, in this practical and inspiring book teaches business owners formulas, techniques, tools, systems and tips that will turn their business around if they are applied with honesty and determination. There are thousands of small business-owners around Australia right now, running a micro business from the kitchen table or managing small teams of employees in a bigger (small) business. Most of the time they think they are successful. But, if they are really honest with themselves, though, they would admit that the 'success' they are achieving falls a little short of the expectations they had for the business when they started out. From Deadwood to Diamonds will help you unlock the profit potential in your business. It will help you find clarity about what you are doing and why, show you how to build your business around this and identify and locate your ideal target market, then share strategies on how to manage the people-side of things – in fact, this book contains everything you need to go from dead wood to diamonds. The strategies in this book have been used by the author to turn around his parents' failing family business as well as the businesses' of scores of his clients.
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