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Sales Magic

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Kerry Johnson reveals the hidden and subliminal techniques that top sales professionals unconsciously use, and how you can master these simple but profound techniques using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), a series of powerful discoveries about behavior, communication and trust. You will learn to speak the language of how your prospect thinks. Learn to:

• Increase your closing ratios
• Gain trust in only a few minutes
• Communicate with your clients on deeper, ever more subtle, levels
• Use both verbal and physical skills
• Successfully pace your sales calls
• Establish rapport with ease and assurance
• Listen to clients more effectively
• Turn objections into approvals
• Discover a client’s buying strategy in minutes

Sales Magic also contains charts, diagrams, and quizzes, as well as a special twenty-one-day program which guarantees that you will be able to successfully use Dr. Johnson’s techniques immediately. Johnson is in constant demand as a speaker and motivator, to demonstrate and explain the new technology of selling which he has developed, the technology you will learn to apply in Sales Magic.
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