Janice Johnson

Ms. Tuesday

The main character, Janice Johnson became an expert aiding individuals and companies find solutions to everyday tasks by integrating computer systems. Janice loved her husband Bill and did everything to please him. She became disheveled when Bill left the marriage and moved in with his secretary. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice System hired Janice to substitute classes at Penitentiaries located and surrounding the town she lived in. Huntsville, Texas is known to be the headquarters for the Texas Criminal Justice System. The contracted teachers would request Janice to substitute teach for them and teach their class about computer skills. She substitute taught many different vocational classes. Janice was offered a Full time job teaching Computer Technology at a Jr. College for inmates granted Parole which she accepted. This story is about her experiences teaching the class and about the obstacles one of her students experienced when he was released from Prison. This story is interesting, heartwarming and based on true events.
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