Hugh Prather

The Little Book of Letting Go

Find the Key to Happiness in Letting GoShed what weighs you down. From long-harbored guilt to deep-rooted prejudices, many of us bear the weight of harmful tendencies in our daily lives. Whether we realize it or not, these things are actively holding us back from the happiness we long to attain. In this inspirational book, minister and counselor Hugh Prather provides a guide for mental cleansing. It is only in ridding our minds of the fear and judgments we cling to that we open the door for happiness.
Embrace opportunities as they come. The more we hold on to, the less room we have to take on more. If our minds are clouded by negativity, then we aren’t facing each day with the openness that it deserves. By facing each moment with enthusiasm, we pave the path for positive thinking and make the most out of every opportunity that comes our way.
Practical exercises and lasting tools. Changing how we think takes practice. This is why Prather doesn’t just tell us that it’s important to let go—he shares with his readers simple steps for how to go about letting go of things that hold us back. Through learning from Prather’s shared experiences and adopting the practices he offers, we can find happiness, peace, and a chance at spiritual renewal.
Read a copy of Hugh Prather’s The Little Book of Letting Go today and discover…
A simple 3-step process for letting goA 30-day plan for spiritual renewalPersonal stories from Prather about his own journeyReaders of Letting Go: The Pathway of SurrenderIt’s All Under ControlThe Art of Happiness, or Love is Letting Go of Fear will love The Little Book of Letting Go.
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    In each of the encounters we have throughout the day, we leave something behind. In our wake people feel either more relaxed or more separate, more seen or more ignored, more peaceful or more conflicted. And every time someone comes to mind, either we send forth our comfort or our doubt, our blessing or our judgment. If we wish to know the One who is Love, we must extend love past the boundaries of our ego. But how is this done if not moment by moment, gesture by gesture? Only by giving the tiny miracles of understanding, support, forbearance, and happiness can we know Love.
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    Now our mind starts shuttling between revising the scene to our advantage and perhaps having a “payback” fantasy or two, and on the other hand, disliking the fact that we are obviously upset. We think, “What mistake am I making that causes these feelings?” Then we try to destroy the feelings with scriptural texts, mantras, or “common sense,” as if pure ideas on top of impure ideas make a clean mind.
    Our desire to look away from our petty impulses is not a desire for more oneness, equality, or love. The reality that many people would be upset by what just upset us makes us uneasy. The fact that it happens to many drives us to resist it happening to us. In short, we don't want to be ordinary. We are among the chosen few who do not get upset. Where is the oneness and equality in that?
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    You want to sincerely see how much your body has undergone for you; how in so many ways it has been a good friend; how innocent it is of the genes it inherited, the climates it has endured, the accidents it has sustained, and all the other external forces like gravitation and sun rays that changed it in ways it could not help. In other words, you have real cause to feel affection for your body and to treat it gently
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