Harry S.Dent Jr.

Be Your Own Boss

Entrepreneurs and the most innovative businesses create “the next great thing” only when the economy faces the greatest challenges. 2020+ will be such a period! Harry Dent, bestselling author, entrepreneur, and trend forecaster, sees the coming decade as the most opportunistic of a lifetime, but only if you see it coming.

Harry encourages you to start your own business in the best way suited for you and become more serious in your pursuit of entrepreneurship, as the next decade could be very threatening if you don’t. The good news is that new Internet and social media technologies make it easier to become an entrepreneur today.

The coming years might be the worst for the global economybut there are unprecedented opportunities for entrepreneurs and for people who can generate cash and cash flow to prosper and survive and to buy financial assets during “the sale of a lifetime”.

• GAIN a better understanding of the fundamental trends that drive our economy

• UNDERSTAND the principles that will allow

you to better guide your kids

• LEARN how to invest for retirement and manage your life and business at any level

The strategies outlined in this book will give you the greatest chance for success during these most difficult and opportune times, when the cream rises to the top and entrepreneurs reign.
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