Liz Fraser

The Middle Years

This is not a book about parenting. There are 1.3 billion of those already, and the main thrust is, ‘if possible, try not to be a shit parent.’
Instead, this is a book about us. You and me.
The knackered parents, flailing about in the supposedly ‘easier’ Middle Years, when our babies have sprouted body hair and attitudes, we’re supposed to be ‘getting our life back’ at last . . . but everything feels as if it’s gone a bit tits down.
From puberty to parents’ evenings, anxiety to A-Levels, divorce to depression, sex to social media, hormones to … Jesus, is that chin hair?!
This comprehensive, honest, hilarious and at times heart-breaking rummage through the Rotting Salad Drawer of Midlife™ that we all go through but nobody tells us about until we’re already drowning in it, holds your weary hand and offers a giant, life-saving snog of, 'IT’S OK. IT’S NOT JUST YOU'.
Praise for The Middle Years:
'Everyone in the middle years of parenting needs to read this frank, funny and courageous book!' — Beverley Turner‘A TRIUMPH! Liz nails the reality of the Middle Years with humour, empathy and fearlessness. I laughed out loud, teared up and cringed.' — Natasha Pearlman, Executive Editor of Glamour US 
‘This is a brilliantly insightful, wonderfully written, bloody funny book!’ — Ben Shephard, Good Morning Britain
‘I am reading this and crying with laughter.’ —  Tanya Byron
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