Summary, Analysis & Review of Susan David’s Emotional Agility by Instaread

Summary, Analysis & Review of Susan David’s Emotional Agility by Instaread


Emotional Agility by psychologist Susan David is a nonfiction self-help book designed to help people embrace difficult emotions that hold them back in life and work so that they can thrive even in the most challenging of situations. David outlines a four-part method for becoming emotionally agile. The four parts are facing emotions, creating distance from those emotions, identifying core values, and making small habitual changes in accordance with those values. When people become more emotionally aware, they can learn to create distance between themselves and their emotional experience. This distance helps them to see their situations—and their emotions—from a new perspective. Once they look at a situation from a different vantage point, they can choose how to react in line with their values. People who are emotionally agile are able to overcome emotional blocks and are more adaptable to stress and difficulties…

PLEASE NOTE: This is key takeaways and analysis of the book and NOT the original book.

Inside this Instaread Summary, Analysis & Review of Susan David’s Emotional Agility:

·      Overview of the Book
·      Important People
·      Key Takeaways
·      Analysis of Key Takeaways

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    When people bottle up their emotions or express them indiscriminately, they miss the chance to see what their emotions are trying to convey. It’s more helpful to take a dispassionate view of emotions as responses to the outside world and strive to understand what useful information is outlined by those responses.
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