Lee Cooper

Chinese Language for Beginners

A simple introduction to Chinese writing, pronunciation and intonation using short stories. Appropriate for all ages.Reading basic Chinese becomes simplified in this highly attractive and unusual manual designed for readers of all ages. Chinese writing, pronunciation, and vocabulary are described here in an entertaining and interesting manner to help beginners learn quickly. The author starts with simple characters and then combines these to make sentences and stories. This step–by–step process allows the reader to develop a basic knowledge of the complex Chinese language with maximum comprehension. A section dealing with pronunciation and intonation and a vocabulary list of the characters used in the book are included as an aid for he reader. Beautiful, imaginative Chinese characters, hand painted by a professional calligrapher and amusing illustrations by the author supplement the text and make learning to read Chinese fun along with fancy.
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    The second is the left hand ナ pointing to the right hand 又:

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