David Salyers,Randy Ross


Business as usual. It’s conventional, operating within the established norms. It’s predictable,
delivering the expected. It’s comfortable, maintaining the status quo. It’s…safe. There
are millions of organizations doing business as usual. But, business as usual will never be Remarkable!
Remarkable means notably or conspicuously unusual; extraordinary; worthy of notice
or attention. The ideas explored in this book have come from a lifetime of observing
some extraordinary people and organizations as they live out their conspicuously unusual
ideas, producing uncommon results. The effect is that those who work for and those who benefit from these people and organizations find themselves with an irrepressible desire
to “remark about them!” What is it that these folks know that others seemingly do not?
How does their view of the world lead them to think
and behave differently than others? When faced with the
same opportunities and challenges, how are their choices
different…and why?
Discover and apply the principles contained within these
pages and you, too, could become Remarkable!
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