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Summary of Fifty Shades of Grey

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This is an Instaread Summary of Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James.

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Chapter 1

Anastasia agrees to go to Seattle to interview the mysterious CEO of Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc. for the student newspaper in place of her ailing roommate, Kate Kavanagh. She arrives and is greeted by a young, blonde receptionist. She is directed to the twentieth floor. As she waits, she studies the questions Kate wants her to ask, wishing she knew more about the CEO., Mr. Christian Grey.

Anastasia falls walking into Mr. Grey’s office and he helps her up. She is shocked by how young and attractive he is. She tells him Miss Kavanagh was unable to be there, so she came in her place. Ana awkwardly asks him the questions on Kate’s list. In response, Christian tells her it is his ability to judge people and hard work that  have led to his success. Ana is disturbed by his arrogance, but he seems amused by her. As they wrap up the interview, Christian asks Ana about her plans for after graduation. He mentions the excellent internship program at Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc. Ana tells him that she does not think she would fit in there. He walks her to the elevator and helps her put on her jacket. She gasps at his touch. He enjoys her reaction…
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