Leigh J Martinuzzi

Delegate to Freedom

“Effective time management is the art of extracting true purpose from all moments in life.” Leigh Martinuzzi
Time is a valuable resource, but a finite one. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, consultant or creative type, you understand the challenge it is to manage your time. But you don’t have to go it alone. Delegate to Freedom will guide you towards becoming more effective with your time through the world of online outsourcing. Delegate those time sinks through superior management of Virtual Assistants, and focus more of your own time on the big ideas.
Whether you have a team already, or are just starting out in hiring Virtual Assistants, ‘Delegate to Freedom’ will help articulate and step you through the process. Leigh illustrates how to find your appropriate VA, how to hire them, manage and lead them to help bring your success to the next level.
Stop trying to do it all yourself, and start building your Virtual team. Reclaim your freedom, and focus your attention on what you love.
“In Delegate to Freedom, author Leigh Martinuzzi provides lean startup entrepreneurs with a comprehensive overview of virtual assistants and the trade-offs inherent with building a 21st century virtual organization.”
-Jay Samit, Bestselling author of Disrupt You! Master Personal Transformation, Seize Opportunity, and Thrive in the Era of Endless Innovation.
“Leigh’s strategic skills in leadership have been beautifully boiled down to the simple steps it will actually take to grow your business, using an offshore team.” 
-Rossco Paddison, CEO of GatherChange.com
“When I coach entrepreneurs how to grow a larger and more profitable business, one of the expressions I tell them is this: “Delegate or stay small forever!” New entrepreneurs believe that only they can do “it” faster, cheaper and better than anyone else, and while there might be a kernel of truth to that statement, it is also a recipe for stunting your growth. That’s why I believe Leigh’s book, Delegate to Freedom, is so important. Leigh takes readers along a great learning path to show them the importance of outsourcing and how to grow a business that provides freedom.”
-Jim Palmer, The Dream Business Coach. www.GetJimPalmer.com
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